SITIO LABS – Alto São João – Old warehouse with about 2300m2, with cowork spaces, labs, offices, ateliers, exhibition hall, large outdoor area to the best biergarden style.
Spacious free areas ideal for events, conferences, team-buildings, café-concerts, parties, events or markets.


We have available spaces ranging from 60 to 85m2. Most of them with mezzanine industrial ‚Loft‘  typology ideal for the creative ecosystem and for a young and enterprising community. All of them linked to the design, arts and technologies designed for workshops, residential, or sharing component.


Mobility: <M> Arroios at 15 ‚/ 1200 meters. Uber / Scooters / Parkouring / Running / Jogging

Parking charges available.


Open bookings. Slow start from July 1st. Possibility of immediate entry for ‚preparation and personalized decoration of each space‘


Put your business in the right place, at SITIO Alto São João.

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