In the center of the most iconic financial district in the world is Meet in Place FiDi, equidistant from One World Trade Center and Brooklyn Bridge. This venue offers an island of calm amidst the fast-paced pulse of the district, enabling meaningful business encounters such as meetings, conferences and offsites.

Pricing and Plans

Small Salon 78 sqf
Small conference 170 sqf
Medium Conference 210 sqf
Grand conference 350 sqf
Grand salon 185 sqf

87 Nassau St, New York, NY 10038, US
+1 646-960-7177


Opening Hours:
by demand – usually opens at 8am and closed on Sunday – but if there’s a demand we will open accordingly:

Mon – Fri 7am-10pm
Sat and Sun – 8am -8pm

Meet in Place is a global chain of premium off-site meetings rooms and event venues. In NYC we are located in three prime locations: 42nd & 3rd Ave, Corner of Spring & Crosby St and Nassau St. Among our clientele are Google, Spotify, Facebook, Loreal, Ted Baker, Citibank and many more.

Meet in Place is all about business meetings done right.

We deploy tech like digital mindfulness, alongside ergonomic furniture, secured wifi, soundproof rooms, and on-site staff to help to push forward face to face interactions. Face to face interactions are key to relationship building, knowledge exchange, brainstorming and efficient decision making.

Our goal is to provide you with the perfect setup for having the best encounters. We use scientific insights and guests’ feedback to fuel the way we shape Meet in Place’s surroundings. Check out our top notch amenities, driven by innovation and mindfulness.

  • Attentive on-site service
  • Various room types and sitting arrangements
  • Tailor made offers for special needs including catering by Balthazar
  • Beautiful calm design
  • Ergonomic furniture
  • Private Wi-Fi
  • 4K digital display that connects wirelessly to any device
  • Individual premium coffee machines, Tea, honey, both dairy & non-dairy milk
  • Conference calls
  • Digital mindfulness sessions
  • White board – remove from Small Salon
  • Phone caves to keep you focused
  • Soundproof interiors
  • On-demand, pay by the hour, business model
  • Cherry picked providers (catering and more)
  • On Spring St only – Freight elevator.

Cancellation Policy
A user may cancel/change its reservation in accordance with the following terms:
A reservation may be canceled/changed 7 days before the scheduled reservation date and will be fully credited for any future reservation.
A Reservation canceled/changed up to 24 hours before the scheduled reservation date will be credited for future use with 75% of the paid amount.
A Reservation canceled/changed up to 6 hours before the scheduled reservation date will be credited for future use with 50% of the paid amount.
Cancellation/change within 6 hours from the reservation date will not be credited for future use.





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